Microsoft to Allow Full Removal of Teams Chat from Windows 11

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Microsoft is reportedly planning to permit European users to completely remove the pre-installed Teams Chat application from the Windows 11 operating system. This move comes as a concession to European Union (EU) authorities who have accused the corporation of anti-competitive behavior towards tech players in the region.

The European antitrust authorities have put Microsoft under scrutiny due to its consolidation of proprietary products and services. Microsoft’s competitors, predominantly cloud providers, have deemed such methods as unfair and putting them at a disadvantage. The Teams Chat application comes bundled with Windows 11, and according to developers of other messenger and collaborative software, including Slack, this violates antitrust legislation.

Recent preliminary builds revealed changes to the Teams Chat client, according to the resource Windows Latest. Until now, users could remove the chat from the operating system’s taskbar, but there were no standard means for full program removal. Fresh Windows 11 builds released in May contain links to the “Remove Chat” function, which completely eliminates the software from the system, including any references to its prior existence. Initially, the application was intended to enhance the appeal of the Teams platform for consumers, but Teams is typically used for work video conferences, and it has not sparked interest among ordinary users.

It’s worth noting that the chat removal feature from the messenger will be implemented using a geographical API. This means Microsoft will be able to control which user demographics will have access to this option. The penetration of Windows 11 remains relatively small: as of May, this version accounted for 23% of all Windows installations, while Windows 10 remains the leader with a share of almost 72%, according to Statcounter data.

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