New World Record Set for DDR5 Memory Overclocking — 11,202 MT/s

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Elite RAM modules, expertise, patience, and liquid nitrogen have paved the way for a new world record in overclocking DDR5 memory. This achievement has been proudly announced by overclocker Seby9123, who managed to push a G.Skill Trident Z5 memory kit to a data transfer speed of 11,202 MT/s.

For his experiment, the enthusiast used an ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 APEX motherboard along with a set of RAM modules certified for operation in DDR5-7800 mode using Intel XMP overclocking profiles.

Seby9123 managed to raise the actual memory frequency to 5607 MHz, achieving a data transfer speed of 11,202 MT/s from it. This performance was only achievable at very high latencies of 62-126-126-127-127. However, when it comes to pushing RAM to the highest possible working frequency, this does not matter.

Seby9123 has broken the previous overclocking record of 5567.5 MHz (11,135 MT/s), which was set by overclocker Chi-Hua Ke, known by his pseudonym HiCookie. The new record showcases the remarkable potential for DDR5 memory overclocking when handled by a seasoned professional equipped with the right tools.

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