NFC Payments to Become Faster and Truly Contactless

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The so-called contactless payments aren’t entirely contactless as of now. Near Field Communication (NFC) technology usually requires close proximity, often making it necessary to touch one device with another. However, over the coming years, NFC is set to become more “contactless.”

The NFC Forum, an organization founded by Sony, NXP Semiconductors, and Nokia in 2004 to promote the coordinated development of NFC technology, has shared a roadmap for innovations up to 2028. The document, which also involved Apple, Google, and other companies, outlines key areas of work for the next five years.

One initiative is to increase the range of NFC connections. Currently, the standard calls for establishing connections within 5 mm, but the NFC Forum plans to increase this by 4-6 times. This will make contactless payments truly contactless and will also speed up and simplify data transfer.

A decision has been made to increase the power supply through the wireless channel from 1 to 3 watts. This will help create new applications and open up new possibilities. Another initiative is to make NFC actions multi-purpose — by presenting a gadget to the reading device, a user can launch several functions at once.

The possibilities for NFC connections between client devices will be expanded: functions of POS terminals will be performed by ordinary smartphones. Finally, plans are in place to introduce environmental functions: NFC-supporting devices will be able to report on the materials used in their manufacture, the ways they are disposed of, and the corresponding regulatory requirements.

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