NVIDIA Shipped 900 Tons of H100 Accelerators in the Last Quarter

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Image Source: NVIDIA

The volumes of NVIDIA’s accelerator shipments for artificial intelligence systems are usually discussed in the context of the shortage of these components. However, according to Omdia analysts, NVIDIA shipped no less than 900 tons of H100 accelerators in the second quarter.

As explained by Tom’s Hardware, this estimate aligns with the ability of NVIDIA to ship around 300,000 H100 accelerators by the end of the second quarter. The average weight of such a product, including the cooling system, is around 3 kg according to the source, resulting in 900 tons in total. It should be noted that accelerators of various sizes are created based on the H100 chips. A PCIe card weighs 1.2 kg, but the weight of the SXM module is not publicly available, so it can be roughly estimated to be around 2 kg.

At a recent technology conference, NVIDIA’s Chief Financial Officer, Colette Kress, revealed that in the second quarter, NVIDIA shipped roughly the same number of H100 and A100 accelerators. Therefore, in terms of mass, approximately 900 tons of A100 accelerators were also produced, based on Omdia’s estimates. There are also adapted A800 and H800 accelerators designed to comply with U.S. anti-China sanctions, which are not expected to differ in weight from the original A100 and H100 accelerators, but it is currently difficult to determine whether they were included in this statistic.

Representatives of NVIDIA have emphasized in recent weeks that the company will increase the volume of accelerator shipments with each quarter. The pace of this expansion largely depends on the ability of contractors to produce the required number of specialized products. The testing and packaging of chips, for example, is seen by many experts as a bottleneck, primarily due to TSMC’s involvement. Considering the number of accelerators already delivered in the first quarter, NVIDIA is expected to produce more than 1 million H100 accelerators alone by the end of the year. This business segment is currently NVIDIA’s primary source of revenue, making the company highly motivated to expand rapidly.

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