OpenAI and Associated Press: Revolutionizing Journalism with AI

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OpenAI and Associated Press (AP) have entered into an agreement where OpenAI will be able to train its AI models on news materials from the renowned news publisher over the next two years. In return, AP will gain access to OpenAI’s “technological and product expertise.”

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AP has been utilizing AI technologies for several years now, including generating news about Minor League Baseball and college sports. The publisher is not OpenAI’s only major partner; the company recently announced a collaboration with Shutterstock, allowing OpenAI to use images, videos, music, and metadata to train its DALL-E model. Additionally, OpenAI employs certain tools to “enhance” and “personalize” its content, including BuzzFeed.

This year, AP unveiled new AI projects, including generative models creating content in Spanish and writing news in the field of public safety for a newspaper in Minnesota. The publication has also implemented AI capabilities in its news search, enabling users to find photos and videos using “descriptive language” queries. However, AP has not provided specific details on how it will utilize OpenAI’s technologies under this latest partnership agreement.

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Vasyl Kolomiiets
Vasyl Kolomiiets
I'm Vasyl Kolomiiets, a seasoned tech journalist regularly contributing to global publications. Having a profound background in information technologies, I seamlessly blended my technical expertise with my passion for writing, venturing into technology journalism. I've covered a wide range of topics including cutting-edge developments and their impacts on society, contributing to leading tech platforms.

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