OpenAI Officially Enables ChatGPT to Browse the Internet

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OpenAI has officially reported the successful conclusion of the beta test for ChatGPT’s internet browsing feature, making it available to all users with a paid subscription.

The “Browse with Bing” feature for the ChatGPT platform is accessible to subscribers of Plus or Enterprise plans. It grants the chatbot access to up-to-date information, transcending the knowledge it was trained on before September 2021. While several third-party plugins and applications have connected ChatGPT to the internet, the official implementation of this feature underscores OpenAI’s confidence in the AI’s ethical constraints to handle unrestricted access to web content.

OpenAI initially introduced ChatGPT’s internet browsing capability back in March but had to suspend the feature a few months later due to issues where it displayed content incorrectly and users quickly discovered it gave access to paid content on various websites. Beta testing for the feature resumed at the end of September.

In the latest update, ChatGPT has introduced a voice interface. The chatbot can recognize voice commands and respond audibly using text-to-speech synthesis. It also accepts image-based queries and provides context-aware responses based on the content of the images presented to it.

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