Opera One: The Revolutionary AI-Integrated Browser Now Available for All Users

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Opera One, an innovative web browser with built-in AI named Aria, is now available for download to the public. Back in April, Opera introduced the preliminary version of Opera One for developers, focusing on its modular and multithreaded characteristics. Now, all users have the chance to experience the built-in AI that Opera company had previously announced.

According to Opera, One has been completely revamped to usher in a new chapter in web surfing with AI support. The integrated Artificial Intelligence is called Aria and was developed in collaboration with OpenAI. Aria uses Opera’s Composer AI engine, is integrated with OpenAI’s GPT 3.5, and expands capabilities such as real-time web search results. It has access to all of Opera’s reference documentation.

Aria is closely integrated with the browser, and users can easily interact with it by using the key combination CTRL+/ or CMD+/ depending on the operating system. This triggers a command line for communication with Aria, similar to the interaction with ChatGPT. There’s also an AI Prompts feature that allows Aria to respond to text with contextual prompts, and ChatGPT is accessible on the sidebar.

Opera emphasizes the importance of users staying in control, therefore access to AI in Opera One is optional and based on user preference. To utilize Aria’s features, one must first register for a free Opera account.

Besides AI, Opera One includes a Tab Islands feature, which conveniently groups tabs either automatically or manually. Moreover, the new modular architecture and multithreaded composer combine to create a browser capable of dynamically adapting to the user’s actions, ensuring a faster and smoother interface thanks to multithreaded processing.

Given the current trends in AI, Opera One marks a new step towards integrating AI into everyday interaction with web browsers. This could stimulate further development and integration of AI into various aspects of our lives. Future research may focus on AI optimization aimed at improving user experience and security when using web browsers.

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