Perseverance Rover Discovers Dark Rock with Central Hole, Likely A Large Meteorite

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In an intriguing new development, NASA’s Perseverance rover, on Friday, June 23, photographed a large, dark rock with a hole in its center. Smaller rocks of similar hue are scattered around the enigmatic object, hinting at their common origin. It is believed that this could be a significant meteorite discovery.

Image Source: Future

This hypothesis was put forth by scientists at California’s SETI Institute, which specializes in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Notably, Perseverance found this potential meteorite within just a few weeks of its landing in February 2021. However, this find is not unprecedented. Its predecessor, the Curiosity rover, also found several meteorites, including a metallic one in February this year, nicknamed “Cacao,” after landing on the Red Planet in 2012.

Perseverance is currently exploring the 45-kilometer Ezero crater, which millions of years ago hosted a lake and river delta. The Mars rover is on a mission to find traces of ancient life and collect dozens of samples for return to Earth, all while relaying other valuable data.

Accompanying the rover is the ultra-compact helicopter Ingenuity, whose present task is to scout suitable routes and promising scientific targets for Perseverance. As of now, Ingenuity has completed 51 flights, covering a total distance of 11.7 kilometers.

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