Prada Collaborates with Axiom Space to Design NASA Lunar Spacesuits

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Axiom Space, a space exploration company, has announced a collaboration with the Italian fashion house Prada to develop NASA spacesuits for the Artemis III mission. Scheduled for 2025, this mission will mark the first human landing on the Moon since the Apollo 17 mission in December 1972 and will also include the first woman to set foot on the lunar surface. Consequently, the mission’s spacesuits are expected to be both functional and aesthetically appealing.

The Axiom Space suits, building on the design of NASA’s Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit (xEMU) suits, are engineered to offer enhanced flexibility, increased protection against the harsh lunar environment, and specialized tools for research and expanded scientific capabilities.

The AxEMU spacesuit will provide astronauts with advanced capabilities for space exploration, while NASA will receive its first commercially developed spacesuits required for life and work on the Moon and beyond. Prada engineers will collaborate with Axiom Space Systems throughout the design process, assisting in the selection of materials and structural features for spacesuits that will protect astronauts from lunar conditions and the vacuum of space.

“We are thrilled to partner with Prada on the creation of the Axiom Extravehicular Mobility Unit (AxEMU) spacesuit,” stated Michael Suffredini, CEO of Axiom Space. “Prada’s technical design expertise, combined with our experience in space, will create innovative technology solutions, essential not only for comfort and functionality but also for human factors engineering that can be applied to future spacesuit designs.”

Lorenzo Bertelli, Chief Marketing Officer of Prada Group, echoed his colleague’s sentiments, stating, “This is a celebration of human strength and creativity, a testament to the possibilities of imagination and innovation, and a continuation of Prada’s ongoing and reciprocal dialogue between different industries, just as the America’s Cup sailing competition Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team combines fashion and technology in a unique way.”

These technologically advanced spacesuits will enable lunar exploration at an unprecedented level, according to Axiom. The development of next-generation spacesuits is considered a significant milestone in the ongoing exploration of space, as it will allow for a better understanding of the Moon, the solar system, and eventually, ventures beyond it.

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