Project CW: World of Tanks 2.0 in Progress? Unofficial Details and First Gameplay Revealed

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According to WOT Express, the developers of the multiplayer tank action game World of Tanks, from Wargaming studio, have been hard at work on a game of the same genre under the codename Project CW.

Image Source: WOT Express

WOT Express reports that Project CW underwent its first global tests earlier this month (presumably between June 22nd and 25th). As proof, the site provided a 20-second clip inviting viewers to closed beta testing.

In addition to the invitation itself, the video features a short cinematic sequence, a glimpse at the tanks available in Project CW, and about four seconds of actual gameplay.

As conveyed by WOT Express, Project CW will be centered around late Cold War era equipment from the 1980s (T-62 Model 1975, Leopard 1A6, M60 IFP), with strong character-tank binding and advanced individualization.

Furthermore, there will be bot games, consumable items (like helicopter calls, airstrikes, drones), and certain “dynamic elements.” Upon being hit, various attachments can be knocked off from the tanks. According to WOT Express, the gameplay is currently “limping.”

WOT Express also noted that Project CW is inspired by Battlefield. Particularly, the game’s main mode — capturing points (possessing them depletes enemy team’s points) and full regeneration — is said to be influenced by DICE’s shooters.

The release of Project CW is expected no earlier than autumn 2024, on Wargaming’s launcher and Steam. WOT Express specifies that the project is primarily aimed at Europe and the USA. If the game is released in Russia and Belarus, it will “definitely” not be from Lesta Games.

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