Roblox to Introduce Video Calls with Animated Avatars Featuring Facial Expressions

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During its annual developer conference, the Roblox administration unveiled plans to expand its user base. The company previously announced that it intends to allow content for users aged 17 and above, and the video call feature with animated avatars will fall under this category.

Users of Roblox Connect will be able to make video calls and host virtual meetings with animated avatars, combining Zoom-like features with Apple Memoji-style animations. Roblox, which already has technologies for facial motion capture in its arsenal, offers the ability to conduct meetings in virtual spaces, such as docks and campsites.

In the near future, avatars will be able to accurately replicate a user’s facial expressions, down to blinking at the same frequency, according to the developers. Facial expressions are just the beginning; the company is also working on more realistically replicating movements of the upper body. To achieve this, motion capture technology is being used, similar to what’s used in Hollywood but adapted for consumer devices without the need for additional equipment.

The Roblox administration also announced that in October, the platform will become available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Following in the footsteps of Fortnite, the project is actively expanding its cross-platform presence, and Sony console owners will help grow the user base.

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