Roscosmos Reports Issues with “Luna-25” Lunar Mission – Details Under Investigation

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The automated interplanetary station “Luna-25” has encountered issues during its mission. Specialists at Roscosmos are currently analyzing the situation.

Image Source: Roscosmos

As part of the flight program, the automated station “Luna-25” received an impulse for transition to the pre-landing orbit at 14:10 Moscow time today. However, an unexpected situation occurred on board the station during the maneuver, preventing the execution of the maneuver with the specified parameters, as reported by Roscosmos.

Currently, the control group experts are investigating the incident. Further details are unknown at this time.

Yesterday at 09:20 Moscow time, the propulsion system of “Luna-25” successfully performed a 40-second orbit correction. According to Roscosmos, all onboard systems of “Luna-25” were functioning normally, and communication with the station remained stable.

The automated station “Luna-25” marks Russia’s first lunar mission in modern history. Launched from the Vostochny Cosmodrome on August 11, it is intended to become the first spacecraft in history to land on the South Pole of the Moon. This landing is scheduled for August 21.

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