RSC Energia Stocks Drop 20% Following Luna-25 Crash

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In the aftermath of the recent lunar station crash of “Luna-25,” shares of RSC Energia, the Russian state-owned space corporation, suffered a staggering 20% decline in value on the Moscow Exchange (MOEX). The unfortunate incident over the weekend marked the first unsuccessful launch of a Russian lunar station in the past five decades.

On Monday, stocks of RSC Energia plummeted by 20.4%, reaching a value of 31,720 Russian rubles per share on the Moscow Exchange. This significant drop was driven by the news of the “Luna-25” station crash, attributed to a failure in the orbital correction system that caused the spacecraft to collide with the lunar surface.

Leading up to the station’s launch, RSC Energia’s shares had exhibited growth. Over the course of a month preceding the incident, their value had surged by 156.9%. While the shares were trading at 18,910 rubles per share on August 7th, their value peaked at 48,590 rubles on August 18th. The total trading volume for the corporation’s stocks amounted to 88.593 million rubles.

The “Luna-25” station was launched on August 11th from the Vostochny Cosmodrome, marking Russia’s first lunar station launch in nearly 50 years. Originally planned to land in the Moon’s southern polar region on August 21st, the station’s communication was lost on Sunday, August 20th. Preliminary information indicates that “Luna-25” deviated from its planned orbit and collided with the lunar surface.

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