Samsung Accidentally Reveals Details About Galaxy Buds FE Wireless Earbuds

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Image Source: Samsung

The wireless earbuds market is abuzz with speculation about the yet-to-be-officially-announced Samsung Galaxy Buds FE. Now, the South Korean manufacturer has inadvertently confirmed the existence of this device, possibly by publishing a user manual for the Galaxy Buds FE on its website.

The published user manual includes images of the Galaxy Buds FE, which bear a striking resemblance to other Samsung wireless earbuds. They feature a distinct touch control area and a slightly tapered design at the end of the earbuds, reminiscent of the Galaxy Buds+. Overall, the design and described features don’t come as a significant surprise, especially considering that Samsung’s Fan Edition series typically offers devices with high-end features at a more affordable price point.

The user manual also provides details about the charging and storage case used for the earbuds. It appears to be in line with Samsung’s other similar accessories, equipped with a USB Type-C interface.

At present, it remains uncertain when Samsung plans to officially introduce the Galaxy Buds FE. Given the appearance of the user manual on the company’s website, it can be speculated that the launch of this new product is imminent.

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