South Korea’s First Sovereign Rocket Successfully Launches Satellites into Space

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South Korea’s first sovereign rocket, “Nuri”, successfully lifted off from the Naro Space Centre in the coastal city of Goheung at around 6:24 local time, delivering eight satellites into orbit as shown by a live broadcast. The smooth launch came after a day’s delay due to a technical glitch spotted by engineers less than three hours before the initial launch time. Nuri marks South Korea’s first foray into space with a rocket composed of locally manufactured parts.

The Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI)

The successful launch showcases South Korea’s capability to deploy satellites into orbit using indigenous space technology, a significant leap from relying on rockets from other countries or jointly-developed rockets for previous launches. For instance, Russia had assisted in the construction of the “Naro” rockets.

Last year, South Korea made strides in space technology when it launched Nuri with a test satellite, joining the ranks of Russia, the US, France, China, Japan, and India as the seventh country to independently develop a carrier rocket capable of deploying a satellite weighing over one tonne into space. Nuri, South Korea’s flagship rocket, stands at a height of 47 meters, a tad shorter than Arianespace’s Ariane 5 of France, which boasts over six times the payload capacity.

South Korea has further plans to launch three more rockets by 2027 under the Nuri project, which is set to cost the nation approximately $1.6 billion over ten years. The government also intends to launch an unmanned spacecraft to the Moon by 2031, illustrating its ambitious commitment to further advancing its space exploration capabilities.

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