SpaceX Implements Over 1000 Modifications to Starship, Increasing Success Rate for Test Flights

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SpaceX is gearing up for a new test flight of the prototype for the colossal rocket system, Starship. According to the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, the system’s success rate has significantly improved due to major rework.

Image Source: SpaceX

Musk reported that SpaceX has made more than 1,000 changes to Starship’s design following the first test launch in April. During this launch, the rocket exploded without reaching orbit and additionally damaged the launch pad.

“Hence, I think the likelihood of the next flight being successful and the ship reaching orbit is much higher than the previous one,” Musk said during a conversation on Twitter Spaces with a Bloomberg reporter on Saturday. “Perhaps about 60% (chance of success –; it depends on how well we handle the stage separation.”

Musk stated that this year, $3 billion will be invested in the implementation of the Starship interplanetary transport system project. It’s designed for missions to the Moon and Mars, as well as the exploration of deep space.

Musk revealed that SpaceX has “made a kind of final radical change” in how the separation of the Starship spacecraft and the super-heavy accelerator takes place during flight. He noted that SpaceX decided to conduct a “hot” separation of the Starship and Super Heavy accelerator, when this process is carried out by launching the ship’s engines while still connected to the accelerator. “This is what the Soviets and Russia used in their space projects,” Musk added.

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