Star Citizen Crowdfunding Exceeds $600 Million, Yet Release Date Remains Elusive

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The counter of user donations for the development of the ambitious space simulation game, Star Citizen, by Cloud Imperium Games, continues its upward climb, reaching a remarkable milestone. The funding journey, which began with a Kickstarter campaign in October 2012 (raising slightly over $2 million) before transitioning to the project’s official website, has now amassed over $600 million in crowdfunding.

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The funding milestones include $100 million in December 2015, $200 million in November 2018, $300 million in June 2020, $400 million in November 2021, and $500 million in September 2022. As of August 25, 2023, the total funds raised for the production and development of Star Citizen have surpassed $600 million. Impressively, this initiative has garnered support from 4.76 million backers (reaching 4.4 million when $550 million was attained).

The most recent major update for Star Citizen was version 3.19, released in May. This update introduced a redesigned experience for newcomers, new missions, visual upgrades to the city of Lorville, gameplay enhancements (including material mining), and the PvP event “At Ghost Hollow.”

The upcoming significant patch, version 3.20, is currently scheduled for the third quarter of this year. However, there remains no official release date or even approximate timeline for the final version of Star Citizen or its narrative-driven counterpart, Squadron 42. It is anticipated that the wait could extend for several more years.

Image Source: Roberts Space Industries

As Cloud Imperium Games continues to refine and expand the ambitious universe of Star Citizen, enthusiasts and backers eagerly anticipate further developments and a potential glimpse into the future of space simulation gaming.

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