Tales of the Shire: A Heartwarming Journey into Hobbit Life

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Image Source: Private Unit

Private Division and New Zealand-based Weta Workshop have announced a new game set in the fantasy universe of “The Lord of the Rings” called “Tales of the Shire.”

While Private Division and Weta Workshop initially revealed their collaborative project set in Middle-earth back in August 2022, it’s only now that they’ve officially unveiled “Tales of the Shire.”

Developers are positioning “Tales of the Shire” as a heartwarming game about the “cozy life of hobbits” in the world inspired by the works of John Tolkien. The announcement coincides with Hobbit Day, celebrated on September 22nd.

The teaser for “Tales of the Shire,” released to mark the occasion, features real actors and showcases several character illustrations from the Shire, the land inhabited by hobbits, which likely serve as the foundation for the upcoming game.

The release of “Tales of the Shire” is expected in 2024 on PC (digital stores unspecified) and unnamed consoles. The developers do not plan to share additional details until the end of 2023.

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