Telegram Adopts New Approach to Channel and Group Discovery to Combat Spam

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Photo by Dima Solomin on Unsplash

In a recent update this month, Telegram messenger has changed its approach to discovering publicly available channels and groups, as announced by the app’s founder, Pavel Durov. According to Durov, the previous algorithm, which ranked channels with a higher number of subscribers more prominently in search results, was increasingly being exploited by spammers. “Now, for ranking, we consider only real subscribers of channels,” wrote Durov on his account.

So, how does Telegram determine the authenticity of subscribers? It considers the number of Premium subscribers, who are generally real individuals. Channels with more Premium subscribers “typically rank higher.” However, if a Premium subscriber joins too many channels, it won’t significantly boost their ranking in search results. Durov also noted that the new search algorithm gives priority to results from the user’s country.

“Feedback on this change has been overwhelmingly positive. Channels with artificially inflated subscriber counts are now less prominent, while useful groups and mini-apps attract more users,” Durov remarked.

Telegram introduced the Premium subscription in June of the previous year. Initially priced at 449 Russian rubles, it was later reduced to 299 rubles. In December, as Telegram reflected on the first year of official advertising on the platform, Durov revealed that the number of Telegram Premium subscribers had surpassed one million.

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