Twitch to Introduce Stories and Discovery Feed

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During the ongoing TwitchCon event, developers have announced some exciting new features coming to the streaming platform. One of the highlights is the introduction of Stories and a Discovery Feed, allowing users to explore and connect with their favorite streamers.

In a surprising turn of events, Twitch is bringing Stories to its platform before LinkedIn. Eight years after Instagram borrowed this feature from Snapchat, Twitch users will soon be able to publish their own Stories. The feature is set to go live in October of this year, and published Stories will need to adhere to the platform’s guidelines. Users will also have the option to limit the visibility of their Stories, making them accessible only to their subscribers.

In addition to Stories, developers are planning to launch a new feature called the Discovery Feed. This tool aims to help streamers expand their audience reach. Similar to Stories, the Discovery Feed will be available on Twitch’s mobile app and will showcase both live and recorded broadcasts.

Twitch stated, “As Twitch is all about interactive channels, our goal is not to make users spend hours scrolling through Clips. Our investment in Clips is to help viewers discover your channel, so they can join you and your community when you go live.” The Discovery Feed will undergo testing with a limited number of users, and it is expected to be widely available by the end of this year.

Furthermore, developers have announced plans to enhance the built-in video editor. By the end of next month, content creators will be able to export vertical videos directly from TikTok using this tool. Additionally, authors will have more control over when advertisements play during their broadcasts.

Exciting updates await Twitch users, offering new ways to engage, discover, and create content on the platform.

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