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The new half-year for the social network Twitter started with a controversial change that wasn’t anticipated by the media. Users who previously accessed Twitter’s content without registration have now lost that option and are redirected to a registration screen. Elon Musk described these measures as necessary and temporary.

According to Bloomberg, citing statements from the owner of Twitter, the company’s management was forced to resort to these unpopular measures due to increased load on the platform. The traffic from unregistered users had become so high that it caused inconvenience for registered users. Musk, apparently, didn’t want to neglect the interests of this part of the audience, some of whom pay for subscriptions and the right to have a verified account.

The most obvious drawback of these measures is, of course, the reduction in the number of views on Twitter pages, which were growing, in part, due to unregistered users. Search engines will no longer be able to redirect users to content pages, and the company risks losing some advertising revenue. It is possible that the technical infrastructure couldn’t cope with the growing load, especially considering Twitter’s new strategy that focuses on video content. For now, the company is forced to limit user traffic through the simple and unpopular method of requiring registration to view pages.

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