Unity to Introduce Runtime Fee Based on Game Installations, Developers Express Shock

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Image source: Unity

Unity, the game engine manufacturer, has announced plans to introduce a Unity Runtime Fee that will be levied when a certain number of game installations is exceeded. Developers have expressed shock and dismay in response to this news.

Starting from January 1, 2024, Unity Runtime Fee will apply to all Unity games that exceed specific thresholds of revenue earned over the last 12 months and the total number of installations over the game’s lifetime:

  • For Unity Personal and Unity Plus subscribers: $200,000 (over the last 12 months) and 200,000 installations (lifetime).
  • For Unity Pro and Unity Enterprise subscribers: $1 million and 1 million installations.

Unity Pro and Unity Enterprise subscribers, as well as users of additional Unity services (in addition to Editor), will receive a reduced fee. Effective immediately, Unity is also providing Unity Personal subscription access to all developers while discontinuing the Unity Plus plan.

Unity has stated that this new policy will allow developers to “maintain a steady financial return from their engagement with players, as opposed to a revenue share.”

It’s important to note that the fee will only apply to the initial installation (and installations on new devices). Developers will not be charged for demo versions, pirated copies, games included in charity bundles, or Game Pass subscriptions.

The announcement has triggered a wave of criticism and backlash from game creators, with many losing faith in Unity as a partner and considering switching game engines. Rumors suggest that a collective lawsuit against the company is being prepared.

In a satirical response to the news, the developer of the cooking game “Venba,” going by the pseudonym Abhi, urged players, “Everyone, buy Venba, but don’t install it. Come over to my house to play on my PC. I’ll make idli or dosa.”

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