Unleashing WormGPT: The Hacker’s AI Bot Operating Beyond Ethical Boundaries

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Introduction: An unknown developer has created their own counterpart to the AI chatbot ChatGPT, but with a twist. Meet WormGPT, an AI chatbot designed to aid cybercriminals in their illicit activities, free from any ethical constraints.

Key Points:

  1. The Emergence of WormGPT: WormGPT surfaced in March, but it wasn’t until June that the developer started selling access to the platform on a popular hacker forum.
  2. Unrestricted Functionality: Unlike its law-abiding counterparts like ChatGPT or Google Bard, WormGPT lacks any limitations that prevent it from responding to queries related to illegal activities.
  3. Capabilities and Proof: The developer showcased screenshots demonstrating how WormGPT could generate malicious Python code or provide advice on orchestrating cyberattacks.
  4. GPT-J Model: WormGPT was built using an older language model called GPT-J, an open-source model from 2021, trained on materials related to malware development.
  5. Expert Testing: Cybersecurity experts from SlashNext tested WormGPT and received a phishing email composed by the chatbot, demonstrating convincing tactics for successful corporate email compromise.
  6. Access and Pricing: The developer priced access to WormGPT at €60 per month or €550 per year, though some users reported subpar performance.

While WormGPT may still have room for improvement, its existence serves as a stark reminder of the potential weaponization of generative AI in the hands of cybercriminals. As technology continues to evolve, vigilance and proactive measures against such malicious applications are crucial to maintain cybersecurity.

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Vasyl Kolomiiets
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