US Authorities Find China Lacks Capabilities for Mass Production of 7nm Chips

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Image Source: GlobalFoundries

The introduction of the Huawei Mate 60 Pro smartphone, powered by the HiSilicon Kirin 9000S processor, allegedly manufactured using 7nm technology, has raised concerns among American officials. An investigation launched by the US Department of Commerce has found that China lacks the capability for mass-producing such chips.

This week, US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo made a statement during a meeting of the relevant committee of the American Congress: “We have no evidence that they can produce 7nm chips in large quantities.” The investigation was initiated by the agency earlier this month with the goal of determining the “nature and composition” of the mentioned Chinese processor.

Simultaneously, the American official admitted to lawmakers that the news of the advanced smartphone in the product line of the Chinese company Huawei had greatly dismayed her. During the congressional committee meeting and afterward, Gina Raimondo did not make any statements regarding the possibility of tightening US sanctions against China. Such sanctions might restrict certain companies’ access to critical American-origin technologies in the future. Among US legislators, there is growing support for a complete ban on granting export licenses from the US to Huawei and its partners. According to the US Secretary of Commerce, the United States seizes every opportunity to hinder China’s advancement in technology development in a manner that could harm the American side.

Rumors of China’s intentions to prohibit the use of Apple iPhones by officials and employees of state-owned companies have also raised concerns for Gina Raimondo. Chinese authorities have already stated that they have no plans to implement such bans, but they are concerned about the increasing number of cybersecurity incidents related to Apple products.

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