US Court Approves $50 Million Settlement for Apple’s “Butterfly” Keyboard Lawsuit

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US District Judge Edward Davila yesterday approved a proposed $50 million settlement from Apple in response to a class-action lawsuit regarding defective “butterfly” keyboards in MacBook. In his ruling, the judge called the settlement “fair, adequate, and reasonable,” despite rejecting several objections to the arrangement.

Consumers from New York, Florida, California, Michigan, and several other states were the primary plaintiffs in the nationwide class-action suit. They accused Apple of not providing sufficient repairs or assistance in addressing malfunctions for certain MacBook models equipped with the butterfly keyboard mechanism, released between 2015 and 2019. The plaintiffs’ lawyers announced the deal in November of last year.

As part of the settlement, affected consumers will receive between $50 and $395, depending on the quantity and nature of the keyboard repairs. As of early March, over 86,000 payment claims had been filed, according to Davila’s order. However, some consumers objected to the proposed terms, noting, for instance, that $125 – the compensation for one group of claimants – was insufficient as keyboard repair could cost over $300. Other objections claimed it was unfair to deny compensation to MacBook owners who had encountered keyboard malfunction but did not have it repaired.

Judge Davila stated that “while not everyone who allegedly suffered will receive compensation, the compromise settlement will benefit a significant number of people.” The court ruling satisfied the plaintiff’s lawyers’ demand for $15 million in legal fees. The lead plaintiff lawyers from Girard Sharp and Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith stated in their response that they “look forward to the opportunity to get money for our clients.”

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