VK Forms Two Business Groups to Consolidate Related Services

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VK, a major social media and technology company, has announced a restructuring initiative resulting in the creation of two business groups. These groups aim to consolidate key products and services within the company, allowing for more efficient use of cross-technological developments to enhance the quality of similar functional products and solutions. Additionally, VK has appointed a Vice President for AI, content, and recommendation services.

The first business group, “Social Platforms and Media Content,” encompasses VKontakte (VK), Odnoklassniki, Zen, VK Video, VK Music, VK Clips, and VK Messenger. Stepan Kovalchuk has been appointed Senior Vice President of VK for Media Strategy and will head this group.

The second business group, named “Ecosystem and Comprehensive Services,” includes the Mail.ru email services, Rustore app store, VK ID, VK Pay, educational products, and the company’s new businesses. Alexander Ayvazov will lead this group’s activities as Senior Vice President of VK for Business Development and Investments.

As products continue to evolve, these business groups may expand to incorporate new assets within the VK holding. Products and services not included in the new business groups will continue to be developed within their existing divisions. The functional responsibilities of VK’s Senior Vice Presidents will remain unchanged.

VK also announced the appointment of Anton Frolov as Vice President for AI, content, and recommendation services. He will focus on artificial intelligence technologies, building a unified platform for content recommendations and search across all VK products. Frolov will also oversee the development of “Data Office” and continue to serve as CEO of the “Zen” division.

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