Windows 11 Introduces “Instant Games” – Play Without Installing on Your PC

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As part of a major update rolling out, Windows 11 users will gain the ability to launch games without the need for full downloads and installations, thanks to the new “Instant Games” feature.

Instant Games works similarly to Android’s Instant Play feature. If a game supports this feature, you can launch it without going through the traditional download and installation process. It’s worth noting that one of the requirements for Instant Play on Android is that the game should have a relatively small size, not exceeding 15 MB. This size constraint might also apply to Windows.

Instant Games is described as a “new experience that lets you launch your favorite casual games directly from the Microsoft Store in Windows without needing to download and install them on your Windows device,” according to Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s Head of Consumer Marketing. The company is implementing this feature in collaboration with publishers, and it will be available in a collection of casual games, as mentioned by the top executive.

Another significant addition is the new mechanism for the Microsoft Store. It will allow users to choose the disks and folders where they want to install games. This feature is set to debut later this month.

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