Xiaomi’s CyberDog 2: The Smart Robo-Dog that Stuns with Tricks

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At a recent event in China, Xiaomi showcased an array of new products, among which stood out the CyberDog 2, the next iteration of its robotic canine series. Building upon the original CyberDog introduced in 2021, this new version boasts enhanced capabilities and a more dog-like appearance, captivating tech enthusiasts and pet lovers alike.

Image Source: Xiaomi

Weighing 8.9 kg and standing at 36.7 cm, CyberDog 2 bears a striking resemblance to a Doberman. Its design is outfitted with Xiaomi’s patented micro-drives, dubbed CyberGear, which grant it exceptional maneuverability and enable it to perform intricate tricks, including continuous backward somersaults. The robot can even independently get back on its feet if it stumbles, reaching speeds of up to 1.6 m/s.

The heart of CyberDog 2 comprises a set of 19 sensors, endowing it with sight, touch, and hearing. This sensor array allows the robot to navigate through its surroundings with remarkable precision, enhancing its interactions and responses.

Equipped with a 1 MP RGB camera, a 13 MP AI-enhanced interactive camera, four ToF sensors, a LiDAR sensor, a depth-sensing camera, ultrasonic sensors, a fisheye lens with a 146-degree field of view, a force sensor, and two ultra-wideband sensors, CyberDog 2 is designed to perceive its environment comprehensively. Additionally, it features four microphones and is compatible with Xiaomi AI’s voice algorithms. Xiaomi has made an effort to make CyberDog 2 highly programmable, opening doors for creative customization.

Xiaomi has also invested in the computational power of the robot, employing the main NX Processor and two auxiliary co-processors that collectively deliver an impressive performance of 21 TOPS (tera-operations per second).

Xiaomi has priced CyberDog 2 at 12,999 yuan ($1789). The product is already available for order through the manufacturer’s official website in China, offering consumers the chance to welcome this advanced robotic companion into their lives.

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