YouTube to Compensate Rights Holders for AI-Music Training

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YouTube is recognizing the potential of AI in “expanding unique creative expression,” but is committed to upholding copyright protection. To achieve this, the platform is launching the “YouTube Music AI Incubator” to collaborate with artists, songwriters, and producers. In this endeavor, YouTube has secured the support of Universal Music Group (UMG), a major rights holder of numerous musical works.

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UMG had previously expressed caution regarding AI utilization. Earlier this year, the company requested streaming services like Spotify to prohibit the use of its music for AI model training. UMG also raised concerns about copyright infringement in YouTube videos where AI-generated content featuring its artists’ works was used. When an AI-generated song based on Drake and The Weeknd’s vocals went viral, UMG demanded its removal from Spotify and Apple Music.

UMG’s concerns stem from AI models being trained on copyrighted human-created music, which subsequently generate new works without proper authorization or compensation. To address this, UMG has partnered with YouTube to develop a structure for compensating rights holders.

YouTube emphasized its historical understanding of the situation, highlighting its significant investments in systems that balance rights holders’ interests with the creative community on the platform. It cited the Content ID system as an example, which ensures compensation for content usage and suggested a similar system could be applied to AI-generated music, particularly for “music partners who choose to participate.”

The successful implementation of such a system hinges on trust and security. YouTube has already developed policies to combat misleading content that misinforms viewers. Ensuring that generative AI does not infringe on copyrights, spread disinformation, or spam is vital. On the contrary, YouTube plans to leverage AI technologies to identify and mitigate such content.

“I am incredibly excited about AI’s potential to catalyze creativity worldwide, but I recognize that YouTube and the potential of AI will only succeed if our partners succeed,” said YouTube CEO Neal Mohan. “Together, we can harness this new technology to support artists, songwriters, producers, and the industry as a whole, enriching the experience for fans and expanding creative boundaries.”

YouTube has pledged to provide a comprehensive overview of the new AI music system’s specifics, including technology, monetization opportunities, and copyright protection policies, in the near future.

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